• Static Application Security Testing
    The CyberSOC platform provides the most sophisticated technology to detect vulnerabilities in the source code with an automated process, suitable for any type of software applications, as well as managing their resolution in a collaborative way.
  • Ethical Hacking Managed Services
    These services provide the required resources to detect, document, manage and mitigate the risks associated with technological vulnerabilities found in the IT infrastructure of an organization. The web portal includes the features required to implement all the steps in the vulnerability management process.
  • Intelligence Service
    CyberSOC’s advanced crawling technology provides relevant and useful information about global threats for all cybercrime’s variants: phishing, malware, brand abuse, DDoS, sensitive information theft, etc.
  • CyberSOC Service Management
    This ticketing platform is used as the main interaction mechanism between customers and CyberSOC teams. The web portal allows to submit requests and exchange information about the services status and deliverables.
  • Mobile Devices Management Services
    Our MDM platform allows to fully managed mobile devices in your organization from a security perspective. It also allows to implement BYOD policies and protect stolen devices.
  • Monitoring and Correlation Services
    Our monitoring and correlation platform in the cloud allow organizations to collect security events and make sense of them. Our CyberSOC teams use this platform to deliver flexible, effective and business-oriented security monitoring capabilities in 24x7.
  • Brand Reputation - 3.0
    Our powerful crawling and profiling platform allow our CyberSOC analysts to fully understand what information is published about a company and its brands, as well as providing meaningful conclusions to the customer about its Internet presence.